Sander Flaming

All my activity was born in a music school ... There I studied in accordion class. After some time, being already 15 years old boy, I accidentally came across a wave of Polish radio "RADIO FOR YOU" There I heard cool, at that time, mixes. I wanted to do the same thing, mix the tracks. The whole process took place on several tape recorders and a primitive self-made mixer. My mixes I began to bring in clubs where they won recognition ... and over time I became a DJ in one of them.
And so before the army I lived. :) After the army there was a short break in musical creation.
Once I heard the track Tiesto - Adagio For Strings and I wanted to write something like that, I was just in love with this track :) And I began my experiments with music, nothing sensible happened, so "boomts-bumts", but I did not despair. I was angry, swore, deleting a hundred projects, but still tried hard to write something obedient.)) Then I registered at Promodj, where I began to upload my tracks, to which at first no one reacted in any way.) But later when I was able to record something more or less in the style of trans-I was noticed and I began to get into various trance radio shows.

- TSOT by Alex Miller Episode 093 (Galaxy Standard Radio)
- Sairtech - Star Card # 76 (18/12/2015) - The first national trance radio show
- Max Road- Beautiful Trance # 043 (2015-07-18)
- Victor Special-Motion of the Planet Episode 052
- Marko Verone - Uplifting Sound Planet (October 2016)
- Neo's Form People -Trance Communication vol77 Neo's Form People -Trance Communication
After that I already registered on SoundCloud, on the talent pool :) Now in my mixes I focus on the style of progressive trance Although I also love uplifting and write with pleasure in this style. I'm engaged in arranging and mixing other people's works. It all happens in the X-STAR studio where I'm studying as a sound engineer. That's it...

Latest releases

Sander Flaming - World of War [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-05-04

Sander Flaming & Leonid Reshetov - Andromeda's nebula [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-05-04

Sander Flaming – My Truth [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-05-05
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