Vitaliy Bychinin (X-Chrome) is a young and promising sound producer from Russia. He is diverse in his work and has a refined taste. He prefers gentle, exciting motives in the genre Chillout, Instrumental. Often in his collection you can hear modern rhythms of dance music. The desire to create electronic music flowed into the professional channel many years ago.


Vitaly was born on November 18, 1993, in Kazakhstan, Burlinsky district of Aksay. Acquaintance with electronic music took place in early youth, and left its indelible mark in the style preferences of the future musician. The first steps in music were back in 2001: "At that time my father had a business trip to Scotland and from there he brought various souvenirs, gifts, as well as the thing that became the main thing for me - a synthesizer. My first attempts to play melodies were directly on him, which strengthened interest in music in general, "he says.

In 2002, Vitaly moved to Russia. He did not get musical education, because he did not plan to connect his further life with music. At school events played melodies of popular songs on his own synthesizer. "I was offered to play on a school synthesizer, but I refused, and played on my own, because over the years I got used to it and got used to it ...".

Attempts to write their own music were back in 2005. In 2011, there was a first acquaintance with the software (sequencer) for creating music. During 4 years of trial and error, I developed my own emphasis in music.

A huge influence on the development of X-Chrome (-a) was influenced by the performers: PPK, Bad Boys Blue, Space, Jean Michel Jarre, Sash, Scooter. "This is due to the fact that in my early childhood I listened most to foreign music on compact discs and cassettes."


In 2014, X-Chrome performs at the festival of electronic music "Night Rave" in the NK of Chicago in Orenburg. with DJs: Demax, DMPR, Exzomod, Dmitriy Nogaev, Azok.

In early 2015, he won the contest of remixes for the track "Tony Igy - MeloDrammaTiK".

In the same year he recorded a joint work with Anton Igumnov (Tony Igy). "Day In Day Out".

In 2016 he cooperates with Bazhen Sysoev. They record 3 singles: "I'm with you now", "Heart" and "Contacts on lies," which became popular in the social. networks Vk:

To date, Vitali does not limit himself in search of a new sound and continues to experiment in such styles as: House, Melodic trance, Progressive trance, Chillout, Instrumental.

Latest releases

X-CHROME – Carrion Crow (Radio edit) [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-06-12

X-CHROME – Carrion Crow (Extended mix) [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-06-12

X-CHROME – Carrion Crow (Original mix) [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-06-12
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