Leonid Reshetov

I do not have a special musical education. Basically, everything always composed by ear. Black from the white keys are different. :) I know a little harmony. All this - thanks to self-education. At school I was, as they called it, a disc jockey. In 1994 I worked in the provincial Club as a DJ. I also learned to play guitar and bass guitar, a little bit of percussion and keyboard instruments. Then there was no high-end equipment. I remember the electronic organ "Vilnius", a pair of Rhythm-2 and Aelita synthesizers, and so on. I wrote down each instrument on a cassette. And I got a multi-layer record. Let's say we played bass, then on one tape recorder turned on the playback, and on the other record - and lost the part of the percussion. The rhythm got. And so with each instrument. And everything was reduced by means of a mixer "Electronics pm-01". I think that this is not quite what you can call tracks in the modern sense :) In 1997 I was lucky to get acquainted with the synthesizer Yamaha PSR, I do not remember the model, but for those times it seemed like a fairy tale ... In 2006, as it's not funny :) I had a computer. In 2007, I was given a disk with the Flstudio-5 sequencer. It was always interesting to know how to make music on a computer. That's when it all started! The first tracks, if you can call them that, were simply awful. : (Now it's better.) Each time I learn more and more new things in music, different methods of mixing and styles. In general, live, learn, and learn ....

Latest releases

Sander Flaming & Leonid Reshetov - Andromeda's nebula [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-05-04

Sander Flaming & Leonid Reshotov – Andromeda's Nebula [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-05-04

Leonid Reshetov – East wind (Chill Out Mix) [Electronic Style Release] FREE

Released: 2018-11-29
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