Ragga Bear

To write music, I came back in the school years around 2008. Somehow my brother and I had fun in the program Nero Wave editor, cutting out the finished tracks and mixing them among ourselves, it turned out such mashups. We did it purely for themselves, for the sake of pleasure, then my brother showed me the program Frooti Loops, ostensibly in it you can write your entire track. I was very interested in that, I started trying to do something, at first it was some small sets of sounds, then it started to look something like a full-fledged track. I started in the style of heavy electro, inspired by the works of DJ GraF aka Slava, Meatman's Project , Brain Blast Creators. I started the page on promdj, and began to grow quietly. At the moment, I write in the style of dubstep, impressed with the works of Spag Heddy, Barely Alive, GUTTER, and most importantly what inspires people to like what I do! I am in the top list of dubstep musicians of Russia. Something like this)

Latest releases

Ragga Bear – Land Of Ooo

Released: 2017-03-27
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