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I decided to connect my life with music thanks to my very own and my close friend - my mother. She graduated from a music school in piano class and decided to direct me along the same path, explaining everything by the fact that I have a good ear. In the music school, I studied perfectly, sometimes it reached the point that when I learned a new composition and lost it twice in notes, I practically managed to remember it. I occasionally glanced at the notes that the teacher would not grumble. :) I graduated from music school in piano class perfectly, having exhausted the full course - seven years and do not regret it. For this, thanks, first of all, to my mother. By writing music, I was inspired by my desire to try something new, as well as my experience in music school and people close to me. While there was no computer and the possibilities connected with it, it was necessary to improvise on a piano. Soon there was a computer and my first program of sound recording or a music editor, the line of the Ejay series, known in the 90's, became known. The first was Dance Ejay 3, well, I suffered. I seemed to be absorbed in this atmosphere of sounds, although so globally I still did not think what it would be. At first I thought I would play and that's all , but as the current practice shows, I did not stop and I write all day, learn new things for myself, develop. Inspiration can be different. If I write lyrics, then my favorite girl becomes a muse, as well as emotions, sometimes fatigue. Sometimes the writing of new compositions can relieve stress. Tracks I write in different styles. After a complex but very interesting project for me in the style of Drum & Bass, I want to take a break from heavy music. Now I started to study House, Deep, Techno. Sometimes I want to experiment with mixing these styles. :) When I started with the Ejay program, I wanted fame. Now it's more pleasant when there are a small number of loyal fans. From fame still no one refused.) I also want to improve my studio to a professional level. Well, this year, like the rest of the previous ones, the only goal is to blow up the audience with hits! :)

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F@N project - Insanity

Released: 2017-04-27
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