Sergey Inozemtsev

Inozemtsev Sergei (DJ DEX) from the mining region of Donetsk, the city of Dimitrov, was born here. In early childhood I liked listening and collecting music. Over the years, it attracted more and more of my attention. In my school years, at the age of 14, I began to hold my first parties on audio equipment, arranging discos and celebrations. At one time I collected a lot of records from the 90s. At that time, directions such as Techno, Rave, Eurodance were very popular. I have already had my first recording studio - a cassette tape recorder and bobbins. Over time, I wanted to try to create my own music. When a computer appeared in the house, my attention was attracted by music creation programs. In the beginning, I studied such programs as, DANCE EJAY and others. I tried to write tracks in different directions and styles. Over time, I began to get involved in more professional programs, such as ABLETON and FL STUDIO. Since 2003, I started writing my own tracks in FL STUDIO 5. It was clear and easy for me, so I decided to dwell on it. With the release of new versions gradually moved to FL 12 and to this day I am writing on this sequencer. With each passing day, music is increasingly becoming for me the most important creation in my life. I like to write a variety of music, but mostly I'm more inspired by the Trance style. Thanks to one very nice and wonderful friend CJSamNSK Oleg Semyonov, my first track was sounded in the InDaMix program on the Radio Example (Novosibirsk), in the hour-set. In 2012 he was nominated in TOP-10 on the radio "Unknown Genius". Listening and writing music is my favorite activity, in my spare time. Write, create and inspire, because music is life...

Latest releases


Released: 2017-12-05

DJ DEX - Breakout (Original Mix)

Released: 2017-09-09

DJ DEX - Get It Now

Released: 2017-07-29
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